Original Herenz Steristoppers®

(20 A = shorter and thicker than 20 and 20 P)

Special designs on request.

Other packaging units on request!

Item no.Nofor glasses with Neck inner ØVE = MOQ approx. data
101040046.5-7.0 mm5.000 pcs/carton
1010502 5 s5,5-6,5 mm5.000 pcs/carton
10105035 sk 4,5-6,5 mm5.000 pcs/carton
10106046 F6,5-7,5 mm5.000 pcs/carton
101070078.5-9.5 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10107157 d7,5-8,5 mm4.000 pcs/carton
101080089,5 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10108018 P Universal7.5-10.5 mm1.800 pcs/carton
1010900910,5-11,5 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10109019 P9.0-10.5 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10109059 k8.5-10.2 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10109069 d7.0-9.5 mm2.000 pcs/carton
1011000109.5-11.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10111001112.0-14.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10112001211.5-13.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101120112 P11.5-13.0 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101125012,510,5-12,5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10113001312.5-14.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101130713 H12.5-13.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101135013,5 P13.5-14.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10114001413.0-14.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101140114 P*12.0-14.0 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101140614 d11.5-13.0 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101140914 LF14.0-16.0 mm4.000 pcs/carton
101141014 LD12.0-14.5 mm4.000 pcs/carton
101142414 Lvu13.0-14.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101145014,514.0-16.0 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10115001513,5-15,5 mm500 pcs/carton
101150115 P**14.0-16.5 mm5.000 pcs/carton
101151315 PB14,5-15,5 mm4.000 pcs/carton
101151415 P (long)14,7-15,5 mm4.000 pcs/carton
101151515 D13.5-16.0 mm5.000 pcs/carton
101151615 E15.5-17.0 mm5.000 pcs/carton
101151715 DD14.0-16.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101151815 Lvu13,5-15,5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10116001616.5-18.0 mm500 pcs/carton
10117001713.0-16.0 mm1.000 pcs/carton
10118001817,5-18,5 mm500 pcs/carton
101180118 P17,5-19,5 mm500 pcs/carton
101180618 D17,5-19,5 mm500 pcs/carton
101180818 I17.0-19.0 mm3.000 pcs/carton
10119001919.0-22.0 mm2.500 pcs/carton
101200020 ***20.5-22.0 mm400 pcs./box
101201820 M18,5-19,5 mm500 pcs/carton
101200120 P19.0-22.5 mm2.500 pcs/carton
101201920 A20.5-22.5 mm500 pcs/carton
101215021, 517.5-21.5 mm3.000 pcs/carton


Since the foundation of the company, i.e. for more than 75 years, we have specialized in the development and distribution of laboratory supplies, microbiology accessories and disposables. So we had enough time to expand our knowledge, our product range and our logistics. In addition, we are passionate about the development and production of medical disposables. Many of our own products are now used worldwide, such as Steristopfen®, Gyno Brush®, smear brushes and Sonosafe® sonography protective covers.