Alcohol swabs and accessories:

Hygienic skin cleansing for various applications

Our alcohol swabs and complementary accessories provide a practical and effective solution for thoroughly cleansing the skin before various applications.

Our high-quality products are ideal for situations where reliable skin cleansing is required, whether before cosmetic treatments, tattoos or other activities.

Verpackung von mehreren Alkoholtupfer
Isopropyl-Alkohol getränkten Vlies-Tücher

Our product range includes:

Alcohol swabs: Our alcohol swabs are impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and are ideal for external cleaning of the skin. Each swab is individually wrapped to ensure freshness and hygiene. They are absorbent, tear-resistant and lint-free, and their handy size makes them easy to use no matter where you are. Please note that our alcohol swabs are for external use only.


Alcohol swab dispenser “Quickpad”: Our practical alcohol swab dispenser contains 150 sterile alcohol swabs soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol. This dispenser is perfect for stationary use and offers an easy way to remove the swabs hygienically. The sterile packaging ensures optimum freshness and hygiene.


Cellulose swabs: Our cellulose swabs are made of highly bleached, absorbent and non-fibrous cellulose. These ready-to-use swabs are pre-cut and provide a convenient skin cleansing option for various applications. They are great for absorbing fluids and are a reliable addition to your skincare routine.


Alcohol swab

For cleaning, 70% isopropyl alcohol, individually packed, non-sterile. Unfolded 6 x 3 cm.

VE = 100 pcs./box, 2.000 pcs./carton

Item no.Size foldedMOQ
11318973×3 cm2.000 pcs

Alcohol swab dispenser “Quickpad

150 sterile alcohol swabs, soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol, in practical dispenser without clamp base.

The empty dispenser has an additional use as a canula collector.

Hazardous goods – there are additional costs for packaging and transport!

– Hazardous substance: solids containing flammable liquid (N.O.S. (propan-2-ol))

– Classification: UN 3175, Class 4.1, Packing group II

Item no.SizeVE = MOQ
11319204,4 x 4,4 cm10 pcs/carton
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Cellulose swab

Roll goods. VE = 500 pcs./roll, 2 rolls/bag, 12 bags/carton

Item no.SizeVE = MOQ
11318994 x 5 cm, non-sterile12.000 pcs
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Since the foundation of the company, i.e. for more than 75 years, we have specialized in the development and distribution of laboratory supplies, microbiology accessories and disposables. So we had enough time to expand our knowledge, our product range and our logistics. In addition, we are passionate about the development and production of medical disposables. Many of our own products are now used worldwide, such as Steristopfen®, Gyno Brush®, smear brushes and Sonosafe® sonography protective covers.