Disposable scalpels

A scalpel is a surgical instrument with a sharp blade used to make surgical incisions on the body. Disposable scalpels have a fixed blade.


What distinguishes our selection of disposable scalpels?

We have a variety of disposable scalpels to cover the different sizes and types of surgeries.

The ergodynamic scalpels are equipped with stainless Steel blades for precision cutting and toxin-free plastic handles with ribbed finger grips for a secure grip. The blade is protected by a cap that can be easily removed. Each scalpel is individually sterile packed in a peel pack.

Our blades are made of sturdy carbon steel and are available in various sizes and for different handle sizes.

The scalpel blades are individually sterile packed in an aluminum peel pack.

Please note:

  • Only suitable for single use
  • Use only by a qualified surgeon or paramedic
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Store dry and protected from light in the original packaging, at temperatures from 5° to 50°C.


Disposable scalpels

Individually sterile packed, stainless steel blade, with plastic handle.

Item no.DescriptionVE = MOQ
1110810Size 1010 pcs/box
1110811Size 1110 pcs/box
1110812Size 1210 pcs/box
1110815Size 1510 pcs/box
1110820Size 2010 pcs/box
1110821Size 2110 pcs/box
1110822Size 2210 pcs/box
1110823Size 2310 pcs/box
1110824Size 2410 pcs/box
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Thread knife

Individually sterile packed.

Item no.DescriptionVE = MOQ
1110710Standard, approx. 6.5 cm, carbon steel100 pcs/box
1110711long, ca.11 cm, stainless steel 100 pcs/box
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Thread knife, mini

Stainless steel, with plastic handle, individually sterile packed.

Item no.DescriptionVE = MOQ
1110712mini, length: 43 mm10 pcs/box
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Since the foundation of the company, i.e. for more than 75 years, we have specialized in the development and distribution of laboratory supplies, microbiology accessories and disposables. So we had enough time to expand our knowledge, our product range and our logistics. In addition, we are passionate about the development and production of medical disposables. Many of our own products are now used worldwide, such as Steristopfen®, Gyno Brush®, smear brushes and Sonosafe® sonography protective covers.