Delivery and sales conditions

The following terms and conditions are without exception an integer part of all business activities of Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH unless where otherwise agreed upon in writing. Compulsory delivery is never accepted.

Illustrations & descriptions:

The illustrations (photographs) and descriptions in our catalogue are representing the appearance of the respective article/item at the time this catalogue went to print. As we are constantly aiming to keep pace with the latest state of the art, we reserve the right – even without prior announcement – to alter items by colour, shape, execution and packing size. The applicable laws and regulations will always be considered.   Copyright and ownership of trademarks Gynobrush®, Sonosafe® and Steristopper® are registered trademarks of Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf and must not be used without written permission. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, duplication and and/or distribution of trademark names, text, photographs, images and/ or graphic material featured in our publications is a violation of applicable laws. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.   Offers Our offers are always without engagement, especially in case of unforeseeable circumstances like interruption of fabrication, strikes, riots, war etc.   Delivery terms Ex works our warehouse in Hamburg according to Incoterms latest edition. Other terms of delivery are available upon request. Packing to our choice. Routing orders must be clearly stated in every Purchase Order. All risks to be borne by the buyer after consignment has left our warehouse unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.   Payment Payment in advance or against irrevocable confirmed L/C payable at sight. For an order value less than € 50,00 we will add a handling charge of € 10,00. Delay of payment and injury of contract Delay of payment and injury of contract allow us to cancel the contract after a fixed time or require compensation caused by unfulfilled contract. In case of delay of payment we will charge interest according to relevant bankers interest and a handling charge of € 3,00 for the second reminder and € 8,00 for the third reminder.

Reservation of proprietary rights Until receipt of complete payment the goods always remain our property. Attachment, pawning and security transfer not allowed prior to full payment received. Reselling is only permitted to resellers within their usual business. Samples and copies For samples and copies handed over to us there will be no replacement or responsibility in case of loss, damage or destruction.

Prices Prices quoted are net prices in Euro (plus applicable taxes). All rights of changes of prices in the course of time, changes of packing standards as well as changes of the design of the products are reserved. Due to the strained situation of the general economy and foreign political situation the prices may vary extremely throughout the year.

Claims Visible transport damages must be claimed instantly on receipt of goods to the forwarding agent. Other claims must be reported to us within 14 days.

Return of goods The buyer has to ask our assent before returning any goods. If we agree to the return of faultless goods the buyer has to pay a handling charge of 10% of the value of the goods (minimum 10 €) as compensation for the handling of the returned goods.

Claims Visible transport damages must be claimed instantly on receipt of goods to the forwarding agent. Other claims must be reported to us within 14 days.

Place of jurisdiction: Hamburg Hamburg Controversities to be settled exclusively according to applicable German laws.

Special agreements Special agreements have to be confirmed in written form. All rights in property and return of this catalogue and other schedules are reserved. Misuse and transfer to competitors and other nonauthorized persons as well as reprinting and digest of our catalogue is prohibited.

Exclusivity Clause Our Delivery and Sales Conditions are basis for all our satements of intent, agreements and offers. By placing an order, by silently accepting our commercial order confirmation and/ or by accepting delivery they will become an integral part of any contract or agreement. Conflicting or deviating or supplementary provisions and conditions of the other party, even upon knowledge thereof, will not become an integral part of the contract unless expressly confirmed and accepted by us in writing and signed by an officer of this company.

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