Cotton swab

As the name suggests, cotton swabs consist of a thin rod and a mostly soft head, for example made of absorbent cotton. The material and the size of the sticks as well as the heads may vary.

Cotton swabs are primarily used to treat superficial wounds: Cleaning, sampling, applying substances and stopping bleeding. In addition, they find their use with ENT physicians, often to administer a substance as well.

In addition, the practical sticks are often used in cosmetics, for personal hygiene and for cleaning small parts.

medizinische Wattestäbchen zur Versorgung oberflächlicher Wunden
Abstrichbestecke / Wattestäbchen

What distinguishes our selection of cotton swabs?

We offer a wide range of sterile and non-sterile cotton swabs:

  • Wooden sticks with small cotton head
  • Aluminum sticks with cotton head
  • Polypropylene rods with extra-hard viscose head
  • Polypropylene rods with large head (cotton on top, foam on bottom)

This guarantees that the right instrument is available for every special application. For example, the cotton headed rods are recommended for use by ENT physicians.

Our sterile cotton swabs are all individually packed

Please note (in the medical field):

  • Only suitable for single use
  • Use only by qualified medical personnel

Wooden sticks


Plastic sticks


Polyester sticks


Paper sticks


Aluminum rods


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