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Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH, a family business already in its third generation, has been a reliable partner for the procurement of medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and general laboratory supplies for more than 70 years. We supply the national, European and international market with an extensive product portfolio.

Since our foundation in 1949, we have been constantly adapting our product range to general progress.

We strive to ensure continuous improvement in all areas of business through innovative solutions

Since our foundation in 1949, we have been constantly adapting our product range to the increasing challenges of the healthcare industry and general progress.

In doing so, we always put the safety as well as the direct benefit for patients, laboratory staff and medical personnel in the foreground. Through these principles we enjoy the trust of our customers and partners.

However, we are also aware that these must not be the only principles for our daily actions. We also consider it our duty to live ethical principles as a central idea in our daily business conduct.

For this reason, we at Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH have set down these thoughts and principles in writing in this Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the values of Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf that govern our actions, as well as principles that underlie decision-making. It is intended to support us in ensuring the implementation of legal and ethical rules of conduct and thus serves as a guide for our decisions.

Respectful and cooperative collaboration as well as the conscious perception of social responsibility form the basis for our long-term corporate success.

The content of this Code of Conduct is binding for every person working for or with Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH, irrespective of the contractual terms and commitment, whether indefinite or temporary, and concerns all daily business activities.

For us, there is no distinction between managers and employees at other levels of the hierarchy, so these behavioral instructions apply in all parts of the company.

As a family-owned company, we are committed to legally compliant and socially responsible corporate governance and have established guidelines :

The personal dignity of each individual must be respected without exception.

Equal opportunities and fair working conditions

The working atmosphere at our company is thus characterized by mutual appreciation and understanding as well as polite and fair treatment of others. We respect diversity in all business or employee-related decisions and avoid unequal treatment and discrimination on the basis of race, age or appearance, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability or sexual identity, and any other characteristic protected by law. We regard equal opportunities and fair remuneration as a matter of course.
We of ourselves and every leader to lead by example through daily behavior.

Responsibilities of executives and management

Because we are a family-run company, we ask all managers and ourselves to be aware that we all serve as role models. All of our managers assume organizational and management responsibilities in their respective areas. supervisory duties and shall, through their own conduct and actions, motivate and encourage the employees they lead. That’s why we require ourselves and every leader to lead by example through daily behavior. We are convinced that it is only possible to gain the appreciation of all colleagues through a leadership style characterized by trust, social competence, open communication and performance. We are able to achieve continuous improvement in our services by implementing this belief. This includes setting clear, measurable, challenging, and realistic goals, following through on them, and rewarding achievement.
Gifts and invitations may only be accepted within the framework of the applicable law

Dealing with gifts and invitations

Gifts and invitations may only be accepted within the scope of applicable law and must comply with standard business practices. Gifts in kind are to be collected and distributed among all employees in the annual raffle. This prevents the acceptance or granting of undue advantages. Acceptance of monetary payments or financial benefits is generally prohibited. In case of doubt, all employees are required to discuss further action with management.
We, Heinz Herenz Medizinalbedarf GmbH, undertake to take all necessary measures and efforts to put the contents of this Code of Conduct into practice.

Implementation, enforcement and measures

All employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content and to base their daily business conduct on it and to report any violations of it. Any employee who reports violations is protected by the management and need not fear any disadvantages. Violations of the contents of this Code of Conduct may result in consequences. These consequences may also result in expulsion from the Company or require prosecution by official authorities.
Before we launch a product on the market, care is taken to ensure that regulatory requirements and legal specifications are met.

Rules and regulations

As a manufacturer, importer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, we must observe and also comply with numerous national and international rules and regulations that serve to protect patients and users. That is why we apply the principle that before we launch a product on the market, we make sure that it complies with regulatory requirements and legal specifications. In the event of problems and incidents, we will act immediately and carry out the necessary notifications.
We conduct our business only in accordance with applicable laws and ethical standards.

Ethics and corruption

We also expect our manufacturers, suppliers and partners to comply with these requirements. We do not tolerate any actions that can be interpreted as corruption or bribery. We are committed to respecting the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Guiding Principles of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. We expect the same behavior from our partners.
Fair competition – the foundation of a functioning economy

Fair competition

As a globally active company, we believe that fair competition is the foundation of a functioning economy. We therefore do not enter into any agreements with competitors on factors influencing competition, such as prices, sales territories or the like.
Responsible use of global resources

Environmental awareness

In our fast-moving times, it is particularly important to use global resources sustainably and responsibly. Therefore, we act in accordance with all European and German regulations such as REACH and RoHs. In doing so, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment, such as our carbon footprint.
Anyone who trades globally and profits from it also has to take responsibility

Social responsibility

In a changing world, we take social responsibility because we believe that business does not exist alone in the global community. Anyone who trades globally and profits from it also has to take responsibility and must do their part to alleviate grievances in this world. This is the measure of the company’s social competence. With this in mind, we support at least one children’s aid organization each year with our donations, as well as other current social projects and their goals.

Hamburg in May 2022

On behalf of the management