Original Herenz Steristoppers®

(20 A = shorter and thicker than 20 and 20 P)

Special designs on request.

Other packaging units on request!

* = for thick-walled test tubes

** = for thin-walled test tubes

*** = for small Erlenmeyer flasks

**** = for large Erlenmeyer flasks

***** = for Erlenmeyer flask wide neck

Item no.Nofor glasses with Neck inner ØVE = MOQ approx. data
101220522 k21.5-23.0 mm500 pcs/carton
101220822 l22.0-24.0 mm2.000 pcs/carton
101235023,5 P25.0-27.0 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10126002626.0-27.0 mm2.000 pcs/carton
10127002727.0-32.5 mm1.000 pcs/carton
101270527 k26.0-26.5 mm2.500 pcs/carton
101290029 ****29.5-31.0 mm850 pcs/carton
101291929 A (< as 29) 229.0-30.0 mm1.500 pcs/carton
101290529 k26.5-27.5 mm2.500 pcs/carton
10132003232.5-35.0 mm800 pcs/carton
101320132 P32.0-33.0 mm750 pcs./box
101322532 PD30.0-32.5 mm750 pcs./box
10134003433.5-36.5 mm750 pcs./box
10136003635.5-39.5 mm600 pcs/carton
10137003737.5-41.5 mm600 pcs/carton
10138003840.0-43.5 mm500 pcs/carton
101400140 P42.0-46.5 mm500 pcs/carton
101450145 P47.0-48.0 mm300 pcs/carton
101450445 PDL47.0-48.0 mm300 pcs/carton
101480048 ****47.0-49.0 mm400 pcs./box
101500350 Z47.0-49.0 mm200 pcs/carton
101600160 P57.0-60.0 mm200 pcs/carton
101700570 k69.0-71.0 mm100 pcs./box


Since the foundation of the company, i.e. for more than 75 years, we have specialized in the development and distribution of laboratory supplies, microbiology accessories and disposables. So we had enough time to expand our knowledge, our product range and our logistics. In addition, we are passionate about the development and production of medical disposables. Many of our own products are now used worldwide, such as Steristopfen®, Gyno Brush®, smear brushes and Sonosafe® sonography protective covers.